Dog attacks on kids go up in summer

On Behalf of | May 31, 2019 | Dog Attacks, Firm News |

Summertime is when many childhood accidents occur. From accidental drownings to amusement park ride accidents, summer can be a deadly time for children and teens.

One often avoidable injury is a dog bite. Whenever kids and dogs mix, there is the potential for a bite to occur. It’s important to understand that while certain large breeds that are or are perceived to be especially aggressive often bear the brunt of people’s prejudices and fears about dog bites, any dog can bite.

You can keep your kids safer from random bites by teaching them some safety tips:

  • Never tease a dog. This is especially true of leashed or penned dogs that might feel even more threatened.
  • Don’t pet stray dogs. They may carry disease or be frightened and lash out.
  • Learn to read dogs’ signals. A stiffly wagging tail does not indicate friendliness.
  • Don’t break up dog fights. In the frenzy of the moment, even friendly family pets will bite their owners.

Kids who are bitten may suffer psychological trauma as well as any physical damage to their bodies from the dog. In the case of severe attacks, your child may have to undergo multiple reconstructive surgeries over a period of years to fix the damage from the dog attack.

If your child gets bitten by a dog this summer, we can help you make sure that the owner or other liable party is held accountable for your child’s injuries, medical bills and any other damages. We will handle the legal aspects of the case, freeing your time to devote to your child’s healing process.