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Summer hazards that commuters have to deal with

Summer is a season which many commuters either love or hate depending on their routes. While some may get to work faster since there aren’t as many buses or parents driving their kids to school, there’s a whole slew of newer obstacles to deal with.

As the temperatures start rising in North Carolina, it won’t take long for many of these obstacles to start appearing on your morning and evening routes. It is important that you are aware of them now so you can adjust to the changes quickly and safely during your drive to work.

Construction sites

Summer is often the peak construction season for many states in the U.S., and North Carolina is no different. More construction sites and warning signs will start popping up all over the major cities and even some rural roads.

As you approach them, you need to slow down and pay attention to the layout to avoid hitting any signs, cones or workers that are in close proximity. Look up what projects are beginning soon in your area so you can know before you take the road or plan an alternate route to your destination.


Now that the weather’s optimal for riding, many motorcycle owners are dusting off their vehicles and are starting to take them out for a spin. Since you haven’t seen too many in the last few months, it might feel jarring to come across one.

They are harder to see, so make sure that they aren’t in your blind spots if you try to change lanes or pass them. Bear in mind that they are adjusting to the roads as well during the first month of summer. According to the 2017 North Carolina Traffic Crash Facts, summer has the largest amount of motorcycle crashes, fatalities and injuries in the state. It’s all about making sure you and the rider keep enough distance from each other.

Teen drivers

Some people assume that there won’t be as many teenage drivers since school is out, but that should make them more concerned. Many auto dealers and insurance companies often label the summer as the “100 Deadliest Days” because of the high rate of teen driver crashes and fatalities. Many teens are just getting their driver’s license during this season, and some get too eager to finally be on the road by themselves.

Just be on the lookout for any abnormal driving behaviors and potentially popular spots for teens to go to. Keep in mind, plenty of them still have summer classes to take, so commutes with schools still might see some dangerous activity.

Unfortunately, you could still up in an auto accident no matter how many precautions you take. In the event this happens, contact an attorney to help you seek damages for the incident.

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