Evidence you need to prove driver negligence

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When a car accident occurs in North Carolina, you can almost always guarantee that it was caused by the negligence of one or more drivers. Driver negligence occurs in many forms, and if you want to recover damages for your injuries and other expenses following an accident, you and your attorney will need to show that another driver was at least partially responsible for your auto accident.

Proving car accident liability

While every accident is different, there are some key forms of evidence that can be useful in just about every lawsuit filed after a car accident. This evidence can help establish that:

  • Another driver breached their duty owed to the victim,
  • The driver’s negligence directly and proximately caused the accident
  • The victim suffered personal injuries or other damages as a result of the collision

Following are some evidence to help establish negligence.

Police Reports

When an accident occurs, a police officer may arrive at the scene to investigate what happened. The officer will then put together a police report based on his or her findings. The report can be very useful in establishing who was negligent, as it often includes the officer’s findings of fault. Police officers will often include information about the accident itself and whether any citations were given for traffic violations. Photos and videos from the scene can also be useful.

Medical reports and testimony

Proving that you have suffered injuries is a big part of most car accident cases. Medical reports including the doctor appointment dates, diagnoses, treatments received, and prescriptions/recommendations for care can all prove to the judge or jury that you need financial compensation. Medical experts and your treating physicians can also testify as to your injuries.

Other testimony

Whether it’s testimony from witnesses at the scene who saw the accident in real time or accident reconstructionists trying to piece together what happened, other testimony can be a critical part of your claim.

An attorney in your area can help collect the evidence you need to make your claim successful.