Fatal I-85 auto accident occurred on Saturday

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Our roads and highways tend to be less busy than the more populous cities up and down the East Coast. However, just because our roadways are less dense, does not mean that our roadways are any less dangerous. Unfortunately, this was on full display Saturday morning on I-85.

The accident

According to the Greensboro Police Department, a High Point man was killed on I-85 early Saturday morning in an auto accident. The man was driving on the wrong side of I-85 when he collided with a commercial vehicle. Specifically, he was driving northbound on the southbound lane when the fatal auto accident occurred shortly before 5:00 a.m. The accident happened between U.S. 421 and South Elm-Eugene, and both vehicles careened off the road.

The commercial vehicle driver suffered only minor injuries and was released by Guilford County EMS. Though, the vehicle driver died at the scene.

It is unknown what caused this accident though, and why the driver was driving on the wrong side of the highway. And, as a result, the Greensboro Police Crash Reconstruction Unit is still investigating. Anyone who witnessed the accident is encouraged to cause the GPD.

What happens now?

Of course, no one can claim that the commercial vehicle that was involved in this crash is at fault. However, it is not known why the other driver was driving on the wrong side of the road. Was there some impairment? Was the road constructed in such a way to make entering the wrong way inevitable? Did he swerve into that lane to avoid some road obstruction, pedestrian, etc.

The point is, we do not know what happened, and it is still too early to place blame. This is why it is so important for victims of accidents, and their families if one is killed in an accident, to contact an attorney immediately. A Greensboro, North Carolina, attorney can help with a parallel investigation to help determine fault, and once fault is determined, build a case against that person, entity or government organization.