Dog bite liability in North Carolina

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Dogs can be great companions, but they can also be dangerous property when they are untrained and motivated to harm humans or other animals. When a North Carolina dog bites and seriously injures another person, the dog’s owner can face serious legal consequences for the dog’s actions. This overview of dog bite laws in North Carolina is not legal advice and is provided as information for interested readers. Those with possible dog attack claims should contact personal injury attorneys that they know and trust.

What is strict liability for dog bites?

In some jurisdictions, dog bite victims have to show that the owners of the dogs that bit them were negligent. Proving negligence requires showings of fact that dog owners did not act reasonably to control their animals. This level of proof is not required in North Carolina.

That is because the state recognizes strict liability when a dog causes a victim a severe injury. Severe injuries can include broken bones, serious lacerations, and injuries that require surgery or hospitalizations. If a dog causes such an injury to a victim, that victim does not have to prove negligence in court.

How soon must a victim file a claim for dog bite damages?

Different types of litigation in North Carolina have different statutes of limitation. For injuries sustained from dog bites, victims must file their claims within 3 years of sustaining their losses. Outside of 3 years a victim may lose their chance to sue and recover their damages.

What should victims do after dog bites or dog attacks?

It is always important for victims to seek medical help when they are hurt by dogs. They can use their medical bills as evidence of their injuries and can seek the support of attorneys for guidance on how to protect their interests. Different claims may move forward based on different facts and it is therefore important that no reader rely on this post as specific guidance.