Motorcyclists at high risk of catastrophic injury and death

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At a moment when people are once again beginning to enjoy being able to engage in daily activities, it is sad that a casual moment of distraction on the part of a passenger car driver can still lead to tragedy and death. Such was the case recently in a Greensboro crash involving a motorcyclist.

Greensboro Police Department officers responded at approximately 8:49 p.m. to an accident that occurred at the intersection of East Wendover Avenue and Gatewood Avenue. According to police, Clarence Meachem, 79, of Gibsonville, failed to yield right of way to a motorcycle. The motorcyclist died from injuries sustained in the crash. Meachem has been charged with failure to yield and misdemeanor death by vehicle.

Motorcyclists vulnerable to severe injury in accidents

Motorcyclists choose their bikes for the thrill of the ride, but do not always realize just how dangerous it is to be in traffic with other vehicles. Bikers do not have the physical framework from their bikes that protects passenger car drivers within the cabin area, so their bodies will bear the direct impact of a collision, and often they will be thrown from the bike.

According to the NHTSA, motorcyclists are 27% more likely to die in a traffic accident than car drivers. Three-quarters of biker accidents are due to collisions with another passenger car, and in most cases the motorist did not see the motorcycle until too late to avoid a collision. Motorcycle accidents also occur most often at intersections, where two-thirds of the time it is another vehicle that has violated a biker’s right-of-way.

Motorcyclists are also more likely to suffer severe injury from head and neck trauma in a collision with another vehicle, and medical expenses and rehabilitation for these types of injuries are costly and extensive.

Recovering from catastrophic loss

Sadly, a momentary lapse of attention or distraction from another driver can cause long term suffering and grief for others. When recovering damages from severe injury or loss, motorcycle victims or their loved ones may seek compensation with a negligence claim. As North Carolina is a contributory negligence state, however, if the plaintiff is found to have even a small share of fault for causing the accident, they will be barred from recovery.

For residents of Greensboro and surrounding areas, it is important to know where to go to benefit from experienced motorcycle accident lawyers who will use their knowledge to investigate the event in order to reach a fair settlement.