How to defend against a dog attack

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There are a lot of dogs that are cute and friendly, but you cannot forget that they are animals and could seriously injure you. If you find yourself in a situation where you believe a dog may attack you, it’s important for you to be informed about how to handle it. Here are some things to know if you need to defend yourself against a dog attack in North Carolina.

Prevent the attack

Sometimes, the dog won’t immediately attack you; rather, they’ll watch you to determine whether you are a threat or not. The dog may threaten you with growling or barking, but you should not react fearfully. Running away is the worst thing you can do in this situation because you will activate their hunting instincts, and they will chase after you.

Instead, stand still and do not make any eye contact. Signal passivity by blinking slowly and yawning, then slowly back away without turning away from the dog. If the dog walks up to you, let the dog smell you but also protect your torso in case the dog pounces.

If they do attack

If you aren’t able to prevent the dog bite, try to get them to latch onto a piece of clothing or an object instead of biting you. Getting them to bite something like your jacket instead of biting you might give you the time you need to get away. If you aren’t wearing a jacket, find another object that you can use to distract the dog.

If they do bite you, do not try to pull away because you will likely just make the injuries worse. In that situation, you may have to fight the dog off. The dog’s eyes, throat and nose are vulnerable, and use can use your body weight as an advantage.

An attorney who handles personal injury lawsuits may help you hold the owner of an aggressive dog responsible for your injuries. It’s important to seek medical care right away and keep all your medical records to use during the lawsuit.