You’ve been in a car accident – now what?

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2021 | Auto Accidents |

No one wants to experience a car crash, but they happen every day to even the most cautious of drivers. While there’s nothing that can fully prepare you for the potential trauma and other fallout from the incident, taking the appropriate next steps makes navigating the aftermath much more manageable. North Carolina drivers can make this difficult process much easier by going into it with a clear idea of what to do.

Actions to take immediately after the crash

As much as it is possible to do so, remain calm. Car accidents are often traumatic experiences, so immediately after the fact is naturally not when you’re going to be feeling your most relaxed. But the more you’re able to keep a clear state of mind, the more manageable the steps to resolve the issue will be.

If anyone has been seriously injured, 911 should be called immediately. Under North Carolina state law, drivers are required to call the police if they’ve been in a motor vehicle accident resulting in an injury. This is also the case in many other states. If the damage to property exceeds $1,000, North Carolina law also requires the police to be called.

Move everyone off the road so they’re safe from oncoming traffic. The only exception is when someone is badly hurt, in which case it’s important only to move them if absolutely necessary. It’s possible for a person’s injuries to be exacerbated if they’re handled by someone who is untrained. But if the injured individual is in immediate danger, they obviously need to be moved immediately in spite of the risk.

It’s important to obtain a written statement from the police officer and the other driver. Make sure to get contact information from any willing witnesses. Above all, never admit fault in a motor vehicle accident.

Car accidents are any motorists’ worst nightmare. The emotional and physical damages that often occur may make it difficult to keep a clear head when dealing with the aftermath. If you go into the situation already having an idea of the steps you’ll need to take, it’s possible to navigate the experience as smoothly as possible.