A broken hip is a common, preventable nursing home injury

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A broken hip is a common injury affecting the elderly. However, it’s typically preventable in nursing homes in North Carolina and might signify neglect or abuse.

How common are broken hip injuries?

Each year, around 300,000 broken hip injuries are reported. Out of that number, about 8% of those injuries occur in nursing homes. While these injuries are common, they are usually preventable. Broken hip injuries that occur in nursing homes often happen shortly after a person has been admitted.

What might cause a broken hip in nursing home residents?

Certain problems can lead to a nursing home resident suffering a broken hip. Most people in nursing homes are elderly and frail, which means their bones are more brittle. Older women are also more likely to develop or have osteoporosis, which can result in fractures if they fall as the bones become weaker and thinner.

If a patient is in poor health or malnourished, a fall is more likely to result in a broken bone. This may also indicate that there are problems of nursing home neglect or abuse taking place.

Slip and fall accidents due to poor lighting, hazards on the floors and uneven walkways or stairways can also result in nursing home residents suffering a broken hip. However, elderly people in nursing homes are supposed to be properly supervised at all times to ensure their safety. If the staff is negligent, it can lead to an accident resulting in a broken hip.

Individuals who have a history of falling are more likely to fall again. This can also result in broken hip injuries, especially if the person has already had fractures.

A broken hip injury can be serious and lead to a lower quality of life. If your loved one has suffered in a nursing home, you have options to hold the at-fault party accountable.