Establishing negligence in dog attacks

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Dog bites can lead to severe injuries; even seemingly minor bites could cause problems if an infection worsens the condition. Some breeds are so powerful an attack could leave people losing a limb or even their life. A North Carolina dog bite victim may seek compensation in court for all the pain and suffering experienced. Sometimes, it becomes necessary to establish the dog’s history of viciousness to strengthen the case.

A prior history of viciousness

A docile dog may bite someone when provoked or frightened. Owners might not expect a calm dog to attack, but keeping all large or dangerous breeds on a leash or secured in a crate may be wise under specific circumstances, such as when strangers visit the property. The owner should be further cautious when the dog has a past of biting or almost biting others.

In some states, a lack of strict liability dog bite laws could force a victim to show the owner knew about the dog’s violent tendencies. So, if the dog previously bit one person, the owner should realize the dog is potentially dangerous.

Additional signs of danger

Sometimes, a dog doesn’t need to bite anyone for an owner to understand that additional safety precautions are necessary. For example, a business owner who purchases a guard dog to protect against theft might wish to keep the dog securely away from customers and tell them not to pet it.

Several breeds have a reputation for deadly dog attacks. Those choosing to adopt Pitbulls or Doberman pinchers should realize these pets owning come with added responsibilities.

Owners who do not take steps to prevent their dogs from hurting someone could face a personal injury lawsuit. Victims may seek punitive damages in some cases.