Treatment after a dog bite

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Whether playing with your family pet or walking in North Carolina, dog bites can happen. If this happens, it’s essential to treat the wound to decrease the risk of infection.


Cleaning the wound is one of the first steps after a dog bite. You can use warm water and mild soap so the area is not irritated. Try to clean the site within a few moments after the bite occurs so that you can remove any saliva, debris from the dog’s mouth that may have transferred to your skin, and bacteria. Antibacterial cream or ointment can be used if the wound is not sufficiently deep to require stitches. A bandage can be used to prevent infection after cleaning the area.

Dog type

Although it can be frightening when a dog injures you, there are times when you want to classify the type of animal. Determine whether the dog has been vaccinated against rabies and other diseases that can be easily transferred by mouth. If the animal is not yours or you have not seen it in your neighborhood, consider contacting a local shelter to see if someone has reported it missing. Look for a tag on the collar as a name, phone number, or address could be listed. It should be noted whether the biter seemed aggressive or defended itself.

Dogs are often viewed as playful and friendly in most situations. However, there is always the risk of a bit that requires first aid or medical attention.