It’s vital to know the steps to take if you receive a dog bite

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Dogs can make excellent pets. However, there’s always a chance you may get bit in North Carolina if you meet one unexpectedly. If this occurs, knowing how to handle the situation is essential. Doing so can help ensure you stay as healthy physically and emotionally.

Collect information after receiving a dog bite

If you get bitten by a dog, knowing what to do is vital as it can cause bruising, lacerations and puncture wounds. When this occurs, the first step is to collect information about the dog and its owner. Getting information about the dog’s breed and the owner’s name, address and phone number is ideal. If no one is around, call the police and seek their help. The main reason for taking this action is if the dog has rabies. The authorities will handle the process of quarantining the dog if necessary.

Seek medical attention

After receiving a dog bite, take pictures of any wounds or bruises. This evidence can be helpful for insurance companies and litigation. If you don’t need an ambulance or a visit to an emergency room, it’s critical to clean the area thoroughly with soapy, warm water for 10 to 15 minutes. Doing so can reduce the chance of getting an infection. If the wound is bleeding, apply pressure to the area for 15 minutes. Monitor the injury for the next 24 to 48 hours to make sure the site doesn’t get red, which can indicate an infection is present.

Dog bites can be traumatic

Besides physical wounds, a dog bite can affect you emotionally, causing anxiety. In some cases, people have had posttraumatic stress disorder develop after getting bitten. If you’re feeling adverse effects emotionally after a dog bite, it may be best to contact a medical professional.

Knowing the actions to take if you receive a dog bite can help ensure you get the correct treatment. Documenting the incident is also important, which can best be done with pictures or video.