Getting a femur fracture during a North Carolina auto accident

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The North Carolina Department of Transportation reported more than 105,000 auto accident injuries in 2020. Any body part can get injured during an auto accident, but head and back injuries are the most common. Although they are less common, femur fractures occasionally occur.

Why are femur fractures rare?

Femur fractures are rare during auto accidents. This is because the femur bone is the strongest bone in the human body. It takes a forceful hit to fracture the bone. The femur bone extends from the hip to the knee, making it the longest bone in the human body.

Femur fracture location

A fracture can occur anywhere on the femur. However, fractures along the shaft or length of the femur are most common during auto accidents. A knee fracture is also a femur fracture, as the knee sits at the distal end of the femur.

High risk

A femur fracture is more likely to happen to a pedestrian or motorcyclist who gets into an auto accident. A person in a motor vehicle has more protection from the impact caused by a crash. A person walking or riding a motorcycle has almost no protection from the impact of being hit.


Recovery from a femur fracture depends on the seriousness of the injury. However, a femur fracture takes about 4 to 6 months to heal. Physical therapy is also usually required to restore flexibility and strength.

Although a femur fracture is rare, this can happen if the impact is severe. The force from a high-impact auto vehicle crash is one event that can possibly cause a femur fracture. A person with a femur fracture will find it difficult to move their leg and lose the ability to walk or stand. Additional damage can occur as well.