Tow truck heroes save the day

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2019 | Auto Accidents, Firm News |

Heroes are often ordinary people who do extraordinary things for good reasons. Those people may be firefighters, emergency medical technicians or even tow truck drivers who take the time to rescue someone who is stuck in their car.

The North Carolina tow truck drivers, one of whom is a retired firefighter, were driving to their tow truck shop during a recent dark night when, all of a sudden, they saw an emergency situation. Two men, in separate cars, were trapped on or in their cars by the floodwaters cascading across the base of a hill on Jamestown’s Riverdale Drive. The tow truck drivers saw the red lights of the cars, went closer and realized that one of the cars was submerged.

The heroic tow truck drivers rushed towards the scene of the auto accident, committed to doing everything they could to help. They saw a man on the roof of one of the cars, frightened, yelling and in life-threatening danger. Another man was stuck in his car. With only seconds to act, the tow truck drivers decided to save that man first since his danger seemed to be most imminent.

They backed their sturdy tow truck as close to the water as they could and prepared their winch cable, so they could drag the car to dry land. Once that was done, one of the tow truck heroes jumped in the water to rescue the man who was stuck on his car roof. The water was deep and cold, with the harsh scent that floodwater often has. Still, the tow truck driver kept swimming, determined to rescue the man and get him back to his loved ones. He succeeded, and what could have been a deadly tragedy instead became a beautiful story that illustrates the power of good deeds.