How can a dog attack change you?

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2019 | Dog Attacks |

North Carolina residents who are the victim of dog bite attacks may be looking at a painful and potentially lengthy recovery process. Not only can the attack change you physically, but the trauma that you suffer from in the aftermath can stick with you for some time, and may even have sway over your mental and emotional state in the future.

The Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh takes a look at some of the figures and facts related to dog bite attacks. First of all, there are enough dogs in the country that a dog attack happens once every thirty six seconds. Groups that are particularly vulnerable include the elderly, the incapacitated, and children. However, anyone can suffer traumatic effects from an attack no matter what their health, age, gender, or anything else happens to be.

Physically, severe dog bite attacks can lead to many issues including scarring and the loss of digits or portions of the face or body. Victims of particularly violent attacks face the possibility of needing reconstructive surgery or skin grafts to get the face and body closer to the state they were at before the incident. Bites can also introduce infection into the body, leading to painful swelling, immune issues, and other disease.

Emotionally and mentally, dog bites can easily traumatize victims. Many people who suffer from attacks end up requiring mental health help, such as counseling, therapy, or even medication. Some victims end up developing a phobia of dogs, and some become agoraphobic. This can severely impact your overall quality of life. For these reasons, many choose to seek compensation.