How do drowsy drivers put you at risk?

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2020 | Auto Accidents |

In North Carolina, drowsy driving does not get quite as much focus as drunk or distracted driving. This may be a risk. Studies show that drowsy driving has the potential to be as dangerous. In fact, in some ways it is a greater risk. Today we will look at how drowsy drivers may endanger you.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention examine the dangers of drowsy driving. They point out that it affects drivers in the same way drunk or distracted driving does. It makes you:

  • React to danger in a slow way
  • Unable to make good decisions especially in a short amount of time
  • Pay less attention to the road
  • Fall asleep at the wheel

Drowsy driving affects the senses like any other distracted driving behavior. When a driver is unable to focus on the road or safe driving, they are a risk right away.

A major risk is the sheer prevalence of drowsy driving. Studies have shown that 1 in every 25 drivers have fallen asleep while driving in the last 30 days. This only includes drivers who report that they fell asleep. Many drivers do not see this as a danger, either. Plenty of people drive even if tired. Because these people survive, it gives the false impression that anyone can drive drowsy and stay safe. This is not the case.

As more information about drowsy driving comes to light, attitudes may change. In the meantime, everyone should do what they can to spot the signs of drowsy driving. In doing this, you protect yourself from potential crashes.