Is My Injury Too Minor For Consultation?

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2020 | Injuries |

Many collisions caused by negligent drivers or accidents due to slick conditions on winter roads are scary but survivable. Some may even seem like best-case scenarios where no one is hurt or, if you are hurt, nothing is too serious. This mindset is a dangerous line to walk as many injuries, especially at the scene of an incident where adrenaline is high, can feel fine but may be laying the foundation for chronic and upsetting pain down the line. At R. Steve Bowden & Associates, we encourage thorough examination of the facts and your injuries, no matter how minor.

Whiplash, as described by the Mayo Clinic, is an injury found commonly in car collisions (though is not restricted to just vehicle incidents) and is a neck injury that includes symptoms like soreness, loss of range of motion and even tingling or numbness in the arms. Some can experience sleep disturbances, irritability or depression. Many victims of whiplash recover within a few weeks or even a few days if the injury is minor but some can experience long-lasting chronic pain. This risk is exacerbated by age, previous whiplash or particularly high-speeds in the incident at hand.

It might seem like good luck that an incident was not as bad as it could be, but rolling the dice that small injuries are negligible might lead to a decreased quality of life. In these cases, insurance companies will not hold your hand to ensure that you get the maximum resource and recovery you are owed. For more information on personal injury and the resources you might need, we invite you to explore our website.