Teaching your child to cross the road

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Crossing the road is a dangerous activity. Yet, it is a necessary one that your child will eventually have to do alone. When that time comes, it is important that you make sure he or she has the skills to do so safely.

According to SafeBee, there is no specific age at which children are old enough to cross the street on their own because it depends on the child. Some children will be mature enough to do it at an earlier age than others. However, general child development usually points to 10 being the earliest age at which a child has the mental skills needed to cross the street alone.

Always model good behavior

Your child will watch you to learn good habits, which makes it essential that you always practice what you teach to your child when crossing the road. Make sure you follow all road rules and cross only at crosswalks or at the legal point where you can do so. Always honor crossing signals and do not do anything you would not want your child to do when crossing alone.

Starting when your child is young, vocalize to him or her the actions you take every time you cross the road. Say out loud that you are looking left, right and left to check for vehicles before you cross. Talk about crossing within the crosswalk, and explain how the crossing signals work.

Make the decision

To know when your child is ready to cross the street alone, pay attention to how well he or she does when with you. Give your child the chance to make the choice of when the two of you will cross the street so that you can observe decision-making skills. This can help you determine whether your child has the ability to notice the risks and hazards and account for them.