Bedsores may indicate nursing home negligence

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Older adults deserve quality care as they enter life’s final chapter. Unfortunately, not every nursing home adheres to their duty of care, leaving some residents abused and neglected at the hands of staff.

Bedsores may be a significant indicator of neglect.

Bedsores, also known as pressure ulcers, are injuries that can develop when the skin endures constant, excess pressure. This can lead to a loss of blood flow to the affected areas and can sometimes lead to skin decay. The elderly are more prone to bedsores because some don’t have the physical strength to reposition their bodies on their own.

Staff neglect can play a huge role

Bedsores can occur when staff who are responsible for a resident’s health ignore their needs. These are a few ways they could cause bedsores:

  • They don’t reposition residents when they’re lying in bed or sitting a chair.
  • They don’t give residents proper nourishment or hydration.
  • They don’t reposition residents improperly, causing skin damage.

Can I sue my loved one’s nursing home for bedsores?

If a loved one develops bedsores, you may consider taking legal action. But it often depends on the severity of the condition. If the bedsore is minor and heals quickly, it may be harder to make a case. However, if it’s a severe pressure sore or results in severe injury or death, your loved one deserves justice.

An experienced personal injury attorney can help examine your claim and get your loved one the compensation they deserve.