Driver flees after pedestrian seriously injured in auto accident

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Auto accidents in Greensboro and throughout North Carolina can cause serious injuries and death. Particularly vulnerable are pedestrians. These incidents can be made even worse if the driver decides to flee the scene rather than adhere to the law and wait to see if the person needs aid. People who have been hurt in a hit-and-run pedestrian accident may have many challenges in the aftermath. A legal filing might be necessary to be sufficiently compensated.

Pedestrian seriously hurt when hit by SUV that fled scene

Law enforcement is actively seeking an SUV that hit a pedestrian in Greensboro and fled the scene. It is asking for the public’s help in locating and identifying the driver. The accident occurred on I-40 at approximately 8:15 in the evening. Officers are unsure of its make or model and think it could be from a variety of manufacturers. One piece of evidence that could be important in finding the vehicle is that it is believed to have damage to its passenger side and a missing side-view mirror. The pedestrian was hospitalized with serious injuries.

Injured pedestrians may face a long recovery and massive expenses

When injured in any kind of auto accident, there can be long-term ramifications. For people who are inside a vehicle at the time of impact, there is a far better chance of a positive outcome than there is for a pedestrian who is hit by an automobile. Brain trauma, spinal cord damage, broken bones and more can result from being hit by a car. It can happen when crossing the street, as vehicles pull out of parking lots, or when getting out of their own vehicle. There can be a long road to recovery after a pedestrian accident. An extended hospitalization, rehabilitation, surgical procedures and the need for care at home can all be part of the process. In addition to medical costs, there can be lost income from being unable to work. These should all be considered when thinking about the future.

A legal filing may help with recovering sufficient compensation

Not only does an injured person need to assess their medical expenses and lost income, but pain and suffering is also a factor. In this accident, law enforcement is searching for the vehicle and driver that hit the pedestrian. The investigation and gathering evidence is also critical to a legal filing. For these and other issues, the injured person should consult with a legal professional experienced in taking the necessary steps to file a claim after a pedestrian accident.