Questions to ask before choosing a nursing home

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Your parents looked out for you for much of your life, so you may find it difficult to adjust when the roles reverse and you need to find a place for your parent to live. Not all nursing homes and continuing care communities uphold the same standards. So, the decision of where to place your parent is not one you should take lightly.

You may be able to boost the chances of finding a home and staff to provide quality care by doing your due diligence during the search. To increase the odds of finding a quality nursing home with staff members who look out for your parent’s best interests, consider asking the following questions.

What is the resident-staff ratio?

Many nursing homes have chronic understaffing issues that affect the quality of care they provide. Ask about how many staff members they have per resident, and find out how many registered and licensed practical nurses are on staff.

How much time do staff members spend with residents?

You should also inquire about how many hours a day staff members devote to residents. This number should give you a sense of how much attention your loved one should expect to receive while there.

How do staff prevent bedsores and infections?

It is also important to ask about a prospective nursing home’s safety protocols with regard to preventing bedsores and infections. Nursing home residents are a high-risk population, so you should always ask about infection-control policies and whether your loved one is going to get the mobility assistance needed to prevent bedsores.