North Carolina woman dies in nursing home, daughter cites history of violations

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A nursing home is place intended to protect some of our most vulnerable citizens, which makes nursing home abuse so tragic. Recently, a North Carolina woman had admitted her mother into the Pavilion Health Center at Brightmore in Charlotte. Shameeka Clark’s mother had not been exhibiting any life-threatening health problems; rather, she was admitted to the home simply to regain her health.

Ms. Clark had been able to visit her mother routinely, but these visits ceased once Covid restrictions were put in place. She called the Pavilion staff frequently for updates on her mother’s status and was always reassured that her mother’s health was fine. Unfortunately, these assurances turned out to be hollow.

Ms. Clark was eventually informed that her mother had been admitted to the hospital after experiencing pain and confusion. After she arrived at the hospital, the daughter realized the situation was in fact much more serious. Her mother was suffering from serious ulcers and a urinary tract infection and would end up passing away just a short time later.

Now the daughter wants her story to serve as a warning to others. Like other nursing homes, Brightmore has been charged with 10 violations since 2015 but has not yet faced any reprimand from the State.

A tragic but common occurrence

Unfortunately, nursing home abuse is a serious problem not only in North Carolina but around the country. In addition to the pain caused to the victim, nursing home abuse can have a traumatic effect on the victim’s family as well; knowing that your loved one suffered at the hands of those trusted with their well-being is difficult to accept.

An experienced nursing home abuse lawyer can vindicate the rights of a loved one through the court of law. A successful lawsuit may not only bring considerable financial compensation for the loved one and their family, but peace of mind as well.