Motorcycle safety reminders for riders in North Carolina

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2021 | Auto Accidents |

As it gets closer to summer, there will be more motorcycle riders on the road. According to the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles, motorcycles make up approximately two percent of all registered vehicles in the state but account for ten percent of all fatalities when there is an accident. There are helpful safety reminders for motorcycle riders and drivers to keep in mind.

Rider reminders

Motorcycle riders must obey all traffic laws and must be properly licensed. When riders are making a turn, they can use hand signals or turn signals to alert drivers behind them. It’s important for riders to stay within the posted speed limit and not to ride when they are distracted or impaired.

Because conditions such as rain, snow or riding at night can make riders harder to see, they may also want to consider wearing reflective or bright clothing to increase their visibility.

Other drivers’ responsibility

Drivers should share the road with motorcyclists. Riders have a right to a full lane, just like others on the road. When driving behind a motorcycle, drivers can avoid an accident by keeping a safe distance. This will also allow them to stop quickly if needed.

Motorcycles can also be hidden in a driver’s blind spot, so it’s helpful to check for motorcycles when changing lanes and at intersections.

Despite these reminders, motorcycle accidents happen and can cause injuries such as cuts, scrapes and bruises, fractures and broken bones, damage to internal organs and traumatic brain injuries. If a person has been injured in a motorcycle accident, an experienced attorney can pursue compensation on his or her behalf.