Dog bite prevention and steps taken after a dog bite

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While it is easy for dog owners to view their dogs as perfect with a great demeanor, the reality is that their moods and behaviors change just like a person does. When a dog is excited, started, scared or threatened, they will react. This in turn can cause the individual they are reacting towards to suffer from physical harm. Whether it is a scratch, trip, bite or attack, the damage can be extensive, amounting to physical, mental and emotional harms.

Ways to prevent dog bites

Because a dog is the responsibility of a dog owner, it is important to consider what could be done by the dog owner to prevent a bite or an attack. In turn, this information could be used by the victim to prove negligence and accountability.

A dog owner could take certain measure, such as spay or neutering their dog, as this can reduce the aggressive behaviors of the animal. Socializing the dog, and doing it early, could create a more relaxed demeanor. Also, hiring a professional could help train the dog and reduce aggressive behaviors. Other steps include paying attention to the dog’s stressors, going on regular walks, using the correct leash or harness for the dog, scheduling regular vet visits and always being alert of behaviors when the dogs seems scared, threatened, is eating, being pet or playing.

The aftermath of a dog bite

When a dog bite or attack occurs, a dog owner should take on certain responsibilities. This includes taking control of the dog so it is kept spate from the victim, seeking medical attention for the victim, exchanging contact information with the victim, contacting animal control and the police, providing proof of rabies vaccination to the victim and following any protocols stipulated, such as quarantining the dog or seeing a dog behaviorist.

The aftermath of a dog attack can be gruesome and traumatic. Victims are often left with serious physical harm along with emotional and mental damages. A single dog attack could scar an individual for life. Thus, when filing a personal injury action, victims should understand how best to calculate current and future damages related to the dog attack.