Does video conferencing contribute to dangerous driving?

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2021 | Auto Accidents |

Video conferencing has grown in popularity for several reasons, and people working from home spend a great deal of time engaged with their smartphones and laptops. Not everyone spends all their time at home, and driving on North Carolina roads to go shopping, handle personal business, and other things become necessary. When driving, it may become apparent that spending too much time on daily video conferencing might negatively impact someone’s driving.

Videoconferencing fatigue sets in

A long day or night at work could leave someone tired, distracted, or agitated. Such feelings might undermine the individual’s ability to operate a vehicle safely. Not everyone recognizes the dangers of cognitive overload, but the effect on the mind might translate into a disastrous road accident.

The negative effect on concentration may lead someone to zone out, which is why such distracted drivers are sometimes called “zoom zombies.” While the moniker is somewhat humorous, the dangers associated with zoning out are not laughable.

Zoning out at the wheel

A person whose mind drifts after a troubling video conference might not notice a stop sign. Someone whose mind rests in a fog after several hours of online conferencing may not see a pedestrian at an intersection or another vehicle in the nearby lane. Not every incident delivers a near miss and a warning. Sometimes, the driver’s distracted mind plays a role in a resulting accident.

When distracted or fatigued after a video conference overload, maybe it would be better to call a rideshare service or simply stay home. Taking to the road while unable to drive effectively could cause motor vehicle accidents.

When hurt by a negligent driver, a victim may consult with an attorney. The attorney may review the case and its evidence to determine a legal path forward.