What you need to know about a cancer misdiagnosis

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Most medical malpractice cases around cancer involve a missed or delayed diagnosis. Others are actually an incorrect diagnosis of cancer. Regardless of which type of misdiagnosis you go through, it can have detrimental effects on your health and finances. You may be eligible to seek compensation in North Carolina for either of these medical mistakes.

Some cancer treatments increase the risk of a second cancer

One of the reasons you could receive medical malpractice compensation from a misdiagnosis of cancer is that chemotherapy and radiation increase your risk of developing serious illnesses like cancer. When someone has a serious case of cancer, they may see it as worth taking the risk in order to overcome the existing cancer. In healthy people, however, this is obviously something they don’t want to expose their bodies to.

Always get more than one opinion

When you receive a diagnosis like cancer, it’s ideal to get more than one opinion to help ensure accuracy of the diagnosis before you begin treatments for it. Treatments sometimes come with unpleasant or harmful side effects, so you want certainty that you really have the illness. If your doctors disagree on what the cause is behind your health issues, you can set up a meeting for them to discuss it together.

How a cancer misdiagnosis happens

Cancer is sometimes difficult to detect even under a microscope. It’s not always easy to determine if a group of cells is cancerous. Some lung infections look like cancer, which can lead to an incorrect diagnosis of cancer or a diagnosis of a lung infection when the problem is actually cancer.

Keep detailed records

You should record details about each doctor visit and what symptoms you’re experiencing. This information is helpful if you ever need to file a medical malpractice lawsuit. Monitor how your body reacts to treatments as well. Writing this information down with the dates gives you and your doctors more accurate insight into what’s going on with your health.

A cancer misdiagnosis is a serious issue because it puts your health at risk, causes distress and costs you money. You may want to seek compensation.