General facts about dog bites

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There are several million dog bites that occur every year in the U.S. Children have the highest rates of injuries, yet most injuries are not serious or fatal. Whether you’re the victim, a parent or an insurance provider in North Carolina, it’s important to learn basic dog bite facts.

Not all dogs and dog owners are punished

The state does not automatically charge a dog owner for a dog’s attack. The reasons why the dog bite occurred are considered. In reality, any type or breed of dog can bite under any circumstance. A dog who acts in self defense or to protect a household may not result in the owner being charged and convicted.

Children are frequent victims

Dog bites often affect young children. Dogs often bite children who consider them to be friendly. Parents or guardians should never leave children unattended near dogs of any size.

Dog bites are lucrative

Insurance companies pay out nearly a billion dollars’ worth of liability claims to dog bite victims. The State Farm company reported nearly 17,000 dog bite injury claims in 2020.

Medical attention is not always needed

Only 1 in 5 of people who are bitten by dogs need medical attention. Children are the most likely victims who experience the severest injuries.

Understanding and preventing dog bite injuries

Every situation that leads to a dog bite is different. The severity of bites depends mostly on the type of dog, the dog’s mental and emotional status and what the victim was doing. While most incidents are preventable with proper research and safety training, the owner may be found civilly liable for a victim’s injuries under some circumstances.