Biden’s promise: Fulfillment for nursing homes means more workers

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Do you think that nursing home care can receive improvement? Residents of North Carolina may want to learn more about the recent promise by the president in regards to better nursing home care.

According to healthcare sources, President Biden’s proposal for 15,000 nursing facilities throughout the U.S. aims for that goal. Rather than the skeleton crew now prescribed, a requirement would be in place for more nurses. He gave the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services a year to come up with a proposal for adequate care.

Nurses quit, leading to staffing challenges

Retaining nursing home aides and nurses is a problem. There is a lot of job turnover. Facilities with the most patients also struggle to find the funds to pay their staff well. Nursing home abuse and neglect can happen when staff is disengaged from their work. They may be new, just dissatisfied with the job or simply neglectful.

It is a question of whether these nursing homes can afford more workers

One challenge is that private for-profit nursing homes take part of the profit for themselves. Rent and management fees need payment. On the other hand, injuries due to neglect by staff and management take a toll on their profits, which is a reason that improvement should receive consideration by management.

President wants to make more information available

President Biden wants to track the quality and finances of nursing home chains. This would be more than at present, where just the nursing home is tracked.

Nursing associations, as well as families and patients, have hoped that more inspections of nursing homes occur. Fines would happen for each day that a home is in violation.

The good news is that the president has made a promise to improve nursing home care. It would involve more workers, more inspections and fines would be levied until issues are resolved.