How to file a grievance against your doctor

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Even the best doctors in North Carolina make harmful mistakes. For instance, your doctor may have prescribed medication and changed their mind later. In the meantime, the medicine may have caused you to experience undesirable side effects or other health repercussions. If you still appreciate your doctor’s efforts, speak to your physician directly about the problem.

What to do if your medical record contains mistakes

If your medical record has errors, tell the office manager or doctor about the mistakes. If they insist that your medical history does not contain errors, you may want to find another physician. If you like the doctor, you may have to live with the fact that they refuse to correct the mistakes in your medical record.

What to do if your doctor makes a serious mistake

Some doctors have big egos and think they are incapable of making mistakes. Do not put up with medical malpractice issues caused by your doctor. If this is the case, register your complaint at the medical facility before finding a new doctor who treats you respectfully.

What to do if you are in the hospital and the surgeon makes a mistake

File a written complaint with the hospital because you may need to prove their medical negligence later. You may also want to file a grievance with your insurance company.

Did your physician sexually assault you?

If so, do not let this event pass. Instead, file a written complaint against the doctor with the state medical board. In addition, pay a visit to your local police station and file a written report in which you list the details of the incident. Doing so could help prevent the doctor from victimizing others.