How to manage dog bites

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North Carolina requires that you report any dog bite, even if it was from your own dog, to the local health department. Dog bites also require medical treatment, whether they happen to a human or a pet. Infections may occur when you don’t see a doctor or veterinarian. Dogs have a tendency to shake their heads while their teeth are lodged into the person or animal that they’re biting. This plays a role in bacteria getting deep under the skin, where it’s challenging to cleanse away at home.

Accidental bites

Accidental dog bites could cause infections, just as aggressive bites can. What might seem like a minor puncture wound to you still requires professional treatment. A healthcare provider knows how to accurately inspect the wound to know what level of care it needs. Some people will need to take antibiotics because of a high risk of infection.

Experts recommend that you see a doctor within 24 hours of the bite. This is especially important when the dog’s teeth punctured your skin. People who have an immune system-related health condition are at greater risk of infections as well.


Knowing how to prevent dog attacks could save you from having to deal with a bite wound. When possible, you can use an object to direct the attacking dog’s teeth into. Hats, coats and shoes are examples of items that you can use to protect yourself.

Stray or unfamiliar dogs may perceive staring at them as a threat. Some dogs also view prolonged eye contact as an aggressive behavior, even if you’re not a stranger to them. If they have an anxious temperament or they were abused, then this is likely to be the case.

Seeing a doctor or veterinarian is important when you or your pet has a bite wound. This will help prevent infections from occurring. Deep or large puncture wounds should always be treated by a professional.