Causes of fatal dog attacks

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Thankfully, most dog attacks in North Carolina are not deadly and result in minor bruising or lacerations from a single bite. Some attacks, however, result in multiple bites and serious injuries, with a few leading to death. You can’t always prevent a dog attack, but knowing the causes may help you prevent getting into a situation where a dog may bite.

Dog breed is not a factor in fatal or near-fatal dog attacks

A comprehensive study has been conducted on fatal dog attacks to determine the cause of the attacks. The researchers looked at everything from living conditions for the dog to dog breeds associated with the attacks. They found that, unlike the common belief that dog attacks are associated with specific breeds, they were more associated with the pet’s living conditions. Dogs with little or violent human contact were more prone to attack.

Injuries from a dog attack can change your life

Injuries from dog attacks can be life-changing. Dogs often attack at the face and neck, leading to traumatic injuries and scarring. Larger dogs may knock their victim to the ground, causing physical injuries in addition to the bites. Victims, especially children, may suffer emotional trauma from being attacked by a dog, leading to nightmares and anxiety.

Safe interactions with dogs

Not all dog attacks can be prevented. However, you can lessen your risk of being attacked by a dog by:

  • Not approaching a dog that you do not know
  • Not making lurching or lunging motions at a dog
  • Calling for help if you see an unknown injured dog instead of approaching
  • Not interacting with a dog while they are eating

Dogs are wonderful pets when treated with love and respect. To avoid being attacked by an unknown dog, keep your distance and remain alert of their actions.