Back & Neck Injuries

From herniated discs to shattered spinal cords, even those back and neck injuries that are considered relatively minor can be life-changing. The most severe injury can result in paraplegia and quadriplegia. If these injuries were caused by negligence, you can pursue compensation.

Take A Positive First Step

Have you or a loved one suffered a neck or back injury because of a motor vehicle accident, medical malpractice, nursing home abuse or any other act of negligence? A positive first step is to get in touch with a quality personal injury attorney as soon as possible to find out about your rights. At the law office of R Steve Bowden & Associates PC, we have decades of experience that we will use to protect your rights and help you get compensation. Contact our North Carolina spine injury lawyers for a free initial consultation.

Back and Neck Injuries May Require Surgical Treatment

Spinal cord injuries frequently require surgeries. For example, a ruptured disc may require a spinal fusion. When a person has a spinal fusion, the likelihood of additional ruptures taking place is increased significantly because of the loss of mobility that comes with the fusion. In other words, there may be further surgeries required in the future. Furthermore, spinal fusion and other surgeries can lead to failed back syndrome, which can cause permanent paralysis.

We Work With Medical Experts To Get You The Best Care

We often bring in medical experts for a variety of reasons. Not only does it help us understand the current medical condition, it helps us understand the possibility of future problems associated with the condition. This is critical, because we want to make certain that the compensation we get for you is sufficient to cover all costs associated with the injury, now and in the future. We want you to get the right compensation for your life-changing injury.

You Deserve an Experienced Lawyer on Your Side

Meeting your needs and getting you fair compensation is our goal at the law office of R Steve Bowden & Associates PC. We will stand by your side from start to finish, doing everything we can to help you and your family. Contact our Greensboro neck injury lawyers for a free initial consultation. Want to speak to an attorney right away? Call 336-285-0925.

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