Fall Injuries

For an elderly person, injuries that a younger person might quickly recover from can be catastrophic. This includes all of the types of injuries that could be suffered in a fall such as:

  • Head injuries
  • Back and neck injuries
  • Broken hips
  • Broken legs
  • Broken arms

If you believe that an elderly loved one suffered a fall injury because of nursing home negligence, you need to get in touch with a trusted personal injury attorney as soon as possible. You need to find out what your rights are. You need to make certain your rights are protected.

At the law office of R Steve Bowden & Associates PC, we have decades of experience helping accident victims while providing personal attention and individualized service. Contact our North Carolina nursing home fall accident lawyers for a free initial consultation.

Causes Of Falls in Nursing Homes

While slip-and-fall accidents can occur at any time in a nursing home or elsewhere, there are situations in which the accident simply should not have happened. These tend to be cases in which there has been a failure to secure an elderly person. Perhaps the staff failed to put the guardrails up on the person’s bed, leading to the person falling out of bed. Perhaps the staff failed to properly monitor the elderly nursing home resident in the shower or in the bathroom.

Pursuing Liability And Compensation

Our lawyers certainly recognize that compensation cannot repair the harm that has been caused in the fall. At the very least, compensation can help in covering medical bills, continuing medical treatment and other accumulating costs. The action we take may also help to prevent similar accidents from happening to others in the future.

You Deserve An Experienced Lawyer On Your Side

Meeting your needs and getting you fair compensation is our goal at the law office of R Steve Bowden & Associates PC. We will stand by your side from start to finish, doing everything we can to help you and your family. Contact our Greensboro nursing home fall injury lawyers for a free initial consultation.

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